Braun Thermometer Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

The Braun Thermoscan thermometer is a device that checks body temperature by measuring it in the ear. This product is excellent for taking children's temperatures, since many children have a hard time holding a thermometer in their mouths for several minutes. It certainly is more comfortable than using a standard thermometer rectally. The results are given in a matter or seconds, and when used correctly, ear thermometers are very accurate.


Make sure your Braun thermometer has two working AA batteries. Insert the tip of the thermometer into a clean plastic lens filter; these filters are provided in the box with the thermometer when you buy it. Press the "On" button on the back of the thermometer, and then press the "I/O" button on the underside of the thermometer. You should see the last temperature that was taken flash on the screen. Wait until the temperature display turns into empty dashes and you hear a beep; this means that the thermometer is ready for use.


Insert the tip of the thermometer into the ear canal and push the start button. Hold the thermometer in place until you hear a beep, which will signal the end of the measuring process. If you are taking someone else's temperature, you will be able to see a blinking light on the back of the thermometer while it is measuring; the light will stop blinking and will stay on continuously once the beep occurs and the measuring is over. Remove the thermometer and view the result window for the temperature. If you see an error message, the tip probably wasn't positioned correctly. Place the tip back into the ear canal, making sure that it is stable, and measure again.


The normal temperature for adults and children over the age of 11 when measured by the Braun thermometer is 35.7 to 37.6 degrees Celsius (35.8 to 37.6 degrees Celsius). For children from the ages of 3 to 10, it is 97 to 100 degrees (36.1 to 37.8C). The normal temperature from birth through two years is 97.5 to 100.4 degrees (36.4 to 38C).

For adults and children, call your doctor if your temperature is 102 degrees or greater. For babies, contact your doctor if the baby's temperature is 100 or greater. You might want to take the temperature several times using both ears, as some factors can influence the reading. These factors include exposure of the ear to cold, heat, or ear drops.

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