What Paint Should I Use on My Log-Burner Stove?

Updated February 21, 2017

Most log-burning stoves only come in a set number of colours. Usually these colours consist of black, brown and possibly red. However, this may not fit your colour pallet, in which case painting the log-burning stove is your best option. When you paint you need to use only paint made for grills and stoves.

Log-Burning Stove Paint

Most paint is not made to handle the extreme heat put out by a log-burning stove. If you were to use a standard can of spray paint from your local hardware store, not only would the paint bubble up and chip off, but it might burn off a chemical that releases into the air and is toxic for you to breathe. Instead, only buy paint made specifically for stoves, grills and ovens. This paint comes in spray paint can form and handles higher temperatures without damaging food or cracking off.


Before you go about painting your log burning stove you need to clean it out. Because you use wood in it there is going to be ash and small flecks of wood throughout the stove. This process of cleaning out the oven is going to take a while, but it is necessary to have a smooth coat. Once you have removed the wood and brushed out the ash, take a wet cloth and clean both the inside and outside of the stove (unless you aren't going to paint the inside of the stove, in which case cleaning it out is not necessary).


Shake up your spray paint and aim the nozzle roughly 8 to 10 inches away from the surface. Any closer and the paint mist is going to be directed in a smaller area and you are going to have streaks and spots in your paint. If you hold the can too far back most of the paint particles are going to float around and fall onto your floor or wall. If you are painting inside, cover up everything in the area with tape and newspaper. If you are painting outside you might just want to throw down some newspaper so the paint doesn't stain your driveway or grass.

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