What Does a Neoprene Waist Belt Do?

Updated November 21, 2016

The idea behind wearing a Neoprene waist belt is to increase heat that is generated from wearing the belt to burn fat around the midsection. This may or may not work, but wearing wraps to lose weight is not new. For years people have been donning rubber suits to help them to get rid of unwanted pounds.

What It Is, What It Does

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material designed to be durable, flexible and resist breaking down when worn in the water. Air and water become isolated when they are inside this particular molecular structure, which makes Neoprene stable, according to These belts are made to preserve body heat, provide back support while exercising and prompt water loss by making you sweat.

Some claim that the belt increases weight loss, particularly if it's worn while working out. The belt heats up as the body heats up and this may prompt faster burning of fat in your body. The theory is that retaining heat in your body will help you to shed the extra weight.

Body Heat

The Neoprene waist belt increases body heat because the material does not breathe. It holds in heat which causes you to sweat. As the body sweats it loses water weight and this makes you smaller around the midsection.

The loss is temporary because it due to water loss and not fat. Sweating and losing fat aren't the same thing. When you wear a waist belt the muscles in your belly that are generally supporting your midsection are able to relax, which means that you aren't burning as many calories or becoming as toned as you would be without the wrap, according to Pete McCall, spokesman for the American Council on Exercise and an exercise physiologist and personal trainer.

Slimming and Contouring

Wearing the Neoprene waist belt does slim and contour your midsection, making you look smaller, because it has a girdlelike effect. Some people wear the belt under their clothing while others wear them as an outer layer when working out.


Neoprene is used for wet suits, cup holders, mouse pads, sports gloves, pet collars and waist belts for burning fat. When worn as a waist belt, the goal is to focus heat on the abdominal muscles. Neoprene waist belts come in varying sizing and widths.

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