How Do I Renew My German Passport?

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are an American with dual citizenship or a German living permanently in the United States, you might some day need to renew your German passport. Whether it is an emergency or just a task you need to complete, it will be beneficial for you to know what steps are part of the renewal process, what documents you need to complete your application and how much it will cost you to renew your passport. If you speak German, you should always check the German mission's passport information page in German for the most recent information.

Application Process

When renewing your German passport, you need to personally file your application at the closest German mission during its visiting hours. You can download the necessary application forms free from charge from the mission's web site. Once you arrive there, your fingerprints will be taken. In some cases, you are required to schedule an appointment with a representative of the mission, so check too see if that's necessary. Have your filled-in application and all necessary additional documents with you when you visit. Your passport is mailed to you when it is ready or you can pick it up from the mission.

Needed Documents

In addition to completed application form, you will need the following documents: two identical and recent passport photos; a certified copy of your birth certificate with your exact place of birth; a certified copy of your marriage license, divorce certificate or death certificate of a spouse if applicable; your old passport; a certified copy of the confirmation of deregistration from your German residence if the German place of residence is your place of residence on your old passport; copy of your U.S. resident card alien card, U.S. residency visa or U.S. passport; copy of your U.S. driver's license or a utility bill as a proof of legal address in the United States; copy of your naturalisation or permission to retain your German citizenship and payment to cover the cost of the passport.


Only payments made in cash or by money order are accepted in the German missions. Make the money order payable to the German mission closest to your permanent address. The cost for a regular adult's 10-year passport for applicants 24 years and older is £69, £48 for a regular 6-year passport for applicants younger than 24 years, £39 for a temporary passport and £27 for a child's passport. If you want your passport to be mailed to you, you need to add a £11 mailing fee.


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