Glue ear natural remedies

Updated April 17, 2017

Glue ear is an infection in which thick, yellow mucus is discharged from your ear. This ailment affects up to 40 per cent of children under the age of 6 and is characterised by a sensation of having glue in your ears. In severe cases a grommet, or small tube, is inserted in the opening of the ear. In mild cases, some natural remedies have been said to clear up the ear canal.

Natural Ear Drops

To reduce pain, try holding a hot water bottle placed in a dry towel over the infected ear and use natural eardrops to flush out the infection. Native Americans were said to use golden seal herb as a natural antibiotic as it is known to decrease inflammation in the body. They used it as a topical ointment and an herbal eyewash and mouth rinse. Dilute 1/4 teaspoon of this tincture in half a teaspoon of water and apply it as eardrops three times a day. You can also try one teaspoon of warm grape seed or sweet almond oil with one drop of tea tree essential oil and three drops of German chamomile. You can also buy Echinacea, which helps stimulate your lymph system and reduce inflamed adenoids, in a tincture form from the drugstore. Dilute these drops in half a teaspoon of water and apply as eardrops. After applying ear drops, place a dry cotton ball in your ear to absorb any remaining liquid.

Oral Remedies

Children who have glue ear may have a hard time sleeping. For the restless child, try Passion Flower tincture or Rescue Remedy. Passion Flower has muscle-relaxing qualities while Rescue Remedy is made with five flowers including impatiens, rock rose and clematis, which are all said to stabilise emotions. Using an eyedropper, place two drops of either tincture under your child's tongue. For a pill, try taking tissue salts such as kali mur 6c or ferr phos 6c. You can find these, along with the mentioned tinctures, at any health food store. Take one tablet four times a day. You can also try tuberculinum aviaire. Purchase the over-the-counter 30c potency.


When you eat certain foods such as dairy products, it can affect the mucus production in your body. If you suffer from glue ear, try switching to soy milk or rice milk products. Avoid excessive sugar and eat foods such as onions, garlic and celery, which are said to reduce mucus.

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