Home made Christmas placemats

Updated July 19, 2017

Creating home made Christmas place mats will provide wonderful holiday decor and conversation during your Christmas meal. Whether you are hosting a big family dinner at your house or would just like to create your own holiday decorations, making Christmas place mats is easy and entertaining. In addition to providing holiday decor for your table, they also will be treasured as thoughtful gifts. Use vintage holiday cards to remember Christmases past.

What you'll need

This first step is to gather supplies needed to make your vintage Christmas card place mats. The most important item in making these place mats is the card. Find vintage cards at flea markets, antique shops or sitting in a box of stored mementos at the home of your parents or grandparents. Assure them the cards will be returned in good condition because you'll be making colour copies. To decorate the place mats, you will need 30 by 50 cm (12- by 20-inch) pieces of craft paper, glitter, glue, markers, a hole punch, pinking shears and ribbon. Satin ribbon in green, red, gold and silver will look festive.

Creating the placemat

Make colour copies of vintage cards you want to preserve by scanning them and printing them at home or taking them to a copy centre. Glue the copies to the craft paper and allow them to dry. Use glitter pens to outline the cards and glitter to decorate the paper. If you would like to write a note on the placemats, use black or coloured markers. Once you have your placemats decorated, take them to the copy store and have them laminated. Use pinking shears to give the placemats decorative edges. If you have extra time, punch holes around the end of the placemats and thread a satin ribbon through the holes, tying it in a bow where the two ends meet.

Placemat cleaning and protection

Laminating your place mat will help in the wear and tear process of Christmas gatherings. The place mats can be wiped down by using soap and water. Be careful not to saturate the ribbon with water. If the ribbon has food stains, take the ribbon out of the place mat and thread a new satin ribbon around the place mat. After several years of use, you may need to laminate the place mats once again.

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