An example of birthday invitation letters

Updated February 21, 2017

Instead of buying packaged fill-in party invitations, write a letter as an invitation on birthday-themed paper. Using decorative letter paper will help create excitement about the celebration and an air of anticipation. Write the invitation letter to the recipient as though he was a special guest and that his attendance will make the party complete.


Shop at office supply stores and craft shops such as Office Depot, Michaels and AC Moore (see Resources) for decorative letter paper appropriate for birthdays. Other supplies can include a computer with a word-processing program, such as Microsoft Word, and a printer. If desired, have on hand calligraphy pens or markers to sign the letter and hand-address envelopes.

Letter Invitation Ideas

Compose the birthday letter invitation as though it was being addressed individually to each guest (change the name of the guest it is addressed to). Be sure to include the important details for any birthday party invitation like date, time, place, who the party is for and who is giving it. This is fairly easy to do using a computer. An example of an invitation can be:

"Dear . . . (name of guest),"

"Please join us in celebrating (birthday person) birthday on

(date, time, place)."

"It's a surprise--he/she will be thrilled if you would come."

"Please call me at (phone number) or send an e-mail to (e-mail address)

to RSVP."

"This is going to be a very special event, and we look forward to seeing you."

(name of host/hostess)

If the letter invitation is more formal or business related, an example can be:

Dear (guest's name),

"You are invited to attend the birthday celebration for (birthday person),

who has served our organisation for many years."

"The celebration will be held on (date) at (time) in the Great Hall


"We could not have reached our goals for the benefit of this community

without his dedicated time and effort."

"Please RSVP to (phone number) at your earliest convenience."


(name of chairman, birthday committee)

A Few Tips

If possible, deliver the letter invitations in person (or have someone deliver them) if the number of guests does not make the task difficult.

Roll the letter up and tie it with a pretty satin or organza ribbon. Attach a handwritten tag in calligraphy with the guest's name on it.

If mailing the letter invitation, use matching or complementary envelopes and write the name and address of the guest using a calligraphy pen or marker (use a friend with nice handwriting if you can't do it).

If a birthday is near a holiday, such as Christmas or Valentine's Day, a themed paper can be used for the invitation letter.

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