Instructions for the Casio Waveceptor 2762

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are a man looking for a watch, the Casio company produces many different styles and types of watches for various purposes. The Casio Waveceptor 2762 is a model that features a waterproof body along with an internal antennae to keep your watch in sync with the United State's time calibration signal. The operating instructions for this watch will allow you to set your time zone, use a stopwatch and set an alarm to keep you on time.

Press the "C" button on the side of the watch face to switch between modes. Press the "D" button at any time to illuminate the watch if you are in low light. Press the "C" button until the watch shows the current time to enter "Timekeeping" mode and adjust the watch the first time you use it.

Hold down the "A" button until the screen displays a flashing number with a "+" or "-" symbol, indicating the difference between the current time zone and Greenwich Mean Time. Press the up and down arrows on the watch to select your time zone. For reference, "- 8" is the setting for the Pacific time zone, "-7" corresponds to Mountain time, "-6" is the setting for Central time and "-5" is used for Eastern time. Press "A" to save your choice.

Press the "C" button to switch to "Stopwatch" mode. When you switch to this mode, the clock will reset to zeros. Press the "B" button at any time to start the time which will go up to one hour. Press "B" to stop the timer. Pressing "B" again will start the timer where it was paused. Pressing "A" will reset the stopwatch to zeros again.

Press "C" to enter the "Alarm" mode. Press "B" to cycle through the five available alarms to save. Select one by holding down the "A" button when the alarm number is displayed and the watch will display the time. Use the up and down buttons to adjust the hour, and then press "C" to switch to the minute. Adjust the minute with the same method, and then press "A" to save the alarm.

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