What to wear to a football game

Updated March 23, 2017

Football matches can be extremely entertaining even if you aren't a big fan of the beautiful game. The cheering, fun, food and drinks can be enhanced with an outfit that complements the event. There are a variety of strategies for dressing up for a seat on the terraces or even a posh corporate hospitality box with a group of die-hard footie fans.

Fun and free

When going to a match with some casual fans, friends or on a date, a simple supportive outfit for the home team will do. If you aren't rooting for a particular team, but your group does, find out about the team's colours. A tee-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket in a solid colour works well. For example, if you are going to see Arsenal or Liverpool, a red sweatshirt will show your support. To take it a step further, go to the club's website or a local sports shop and buy the team's official shirt, hat or scarf. If you're on a budget, check out a charity shop for appropriate colours.

Box seat

If you have a premium hospitality box seat ticket, the "fun and free" outfit may still be appropriate. Check with the people attending the event with you. If the game attire seems more formal, you can be creative with your team support. Men can wear team cufflinks, tie or hat. Women can wear the team's earrings or a scarf. Or wear one team item like a pair of socks that you can show off from time to time to keep you both formal and supportive.

Die-hard fans

If you are attending the game with extremely supportive fans, you have many options. All the rules of "fun and free" apply. If you want to go all out, spray your hair with temporary hair colour. For example, Chelsea fan might spray his royal blue. The biggest fans even apply face or body paint from a fancy dress or party supplies shop. A big group might each paint an individual letter of their team on their upper torso. For example, Tottenham Hotspur fans could spell out "SPURS." If you are going with diehard fans who don't wish to dress up, look up the colours for the opposing team. Don't accidentally dress up in those colours or you might be snubbed for unintentionally supporting the other team.

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