Naaman Bible Crafts

The story of Naaman being healed of leprosy is a Bible school favourite and is found in II Kings 5: 1 through 11. This story can be reinforced and brought to life in any age children's class through the use of crafts.

Letter for the King

A good craft for older children is writing a letter for the king. The king of Syria sent a letter to the king of Israel requesting that Naaman be healed of his leprosy. Have older children use typing paper and fountain pens to create their own letter to the king of Israel.

To make the letter more authentic looking, crumple up the paper a few days before class. The night before class, flatten out and place the paper under a heavy book. This will allow the paper to retain some of the wrinkles, which can represent the texture of an animal's skin. Good paper colours include beige, white and grey.

Stick Puppets

The Syrians attacked Israel and took captives. One of those captives was a little Israelite girl who was assigned to serve Naaman's wife. She is the one who told Naaman's wife that God could heal her husband's leprosy. Even though the little girl was captive in a strange country, she believed that God had the ability to help Naaman. It was because of her belief that Naaman was able to meet with Elisha.

Stick puppets are a good way to let the children take part in this incredible story. Make several character faces front and back and glue or tape them to large craft sticks. Make sure the faces and backs of the heads line up. Allow the children to cut out, colour and glue the faces to the sticks. For Naaman's stick puppet, place a face with dots on one side (to show the leprosy) and a face that is "clean" on the other side.

Stick puppets should include the king of Syria, the king of Israel, the Israelite maid, Elisha, Naaman and Naaman's wife.

Washed in the River Jordan

Elisha sent a messenger to tell Naaman to wash seven times in the Jordan river and his leprosy would be healed. A good way to demonstrate this action to a child is through crafts.

One simple way to accomplish this is to make a movable picture. This is done by using a picture of a river or a river colouring sheet. Cut a slit into the centre of the river, so a picture of Naaman can be slid through. Attach a picture of Naaman to a Popsicle stick and insert it through the picture of the river. Allow the child to pull Naaman up and down in order to dip him in the river Jordan seven times. This is an easy craft that can be coloured as well as put together by kindergarten-aged children.

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