Home remedies to repel spiders

Updated April 17, 2017

Spiders may be creepy to some but they do provide some benefits and most are harmless. Some eat other insects like silverfish and cockroaches and others help gardens grow by getting rid of pests. However, just because they can be our friends, that doesn't mean we want them hanging around. There are a few home remedies you can create as well as tips to follow to make sure they stay out.


Try to keep areas free of dark hiding places where spiders can camp out and unused areas clean. Corners are one place spiders like to build webs, so stay on top of cleaning those spaces as well. Don't let rubbish, leaves or wood pile up inside or outside your home. Check your home for places where spiders can enter such as cracks, crevices or any open areas that lead to the outside. Seal any you find to eliminate entrances.

Natural oils

Essential oils like lavender, rose, citronella, citrus and cinnamon are helpful when trying to repel and get rid of spiders. Spray the oils in areas where you find them so they are eliminated and others don't return. For a repellent spray mix 200 ml (7 oz) of water, 10 ml (1/3 oz) of alcohol such as gin or vodka, 5 drops of eucalyptus oil and 5 drops of lavender oil. Shake well and spray.


Place eucalyptus leaves in cupboards, drawers or under furniture to keep spiders away. You can also try sprinkling bay leaves around your home. Create a paste with whole cloves and a little bit of water and use in corners, garages and other favoured spider spots. Placing hedge apples around the outside of your home can help repel spiders as well.

Cleaners and traps

Using lemon-based furniture polish to clean your home can help keep spiders away as well. Just using it to dust areas where you have found spiders or places they like to hide can help. The lemon oil often found in the products is the deterrent. Glue traps come in handy to catch all kinds of insects in your home and they are non-toxic. Spiders are led to the traps when bugs are caught, so the traps eventually capture the spiders too.

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