Pinworms home remedy

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have ever contracted pinworms, you're not alone. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, pinworms are the most common roundworm infection in the United States. Although pinworms only cause mild problems, such as diarrhoea, left untreated, the infection can have more serious effects. The following is a guide on how to treat pinworms with some simple home remedies.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Children are the most common carriers of pinworms, with 10 to 30 per cent of them contracting these parasites throughout their childhood. Often the spread and reinfection of pinworms can be prevented merely by maintaining good hygienic practices. Ensure that you or your child washes their hands with soap regularly, especially if the anal area is irritated and itches.

Pinworm eggs can spread to the fingers, infecting others and reinfecting the initial carrier. Trimming the fingernails is also a preventive tactic. This decreases the chances that the eggs will cling to the fingernails. If the rectum is itchy, draw a bath or use wet wipes to clean the area. This too will minimise itching and reduce transmission.


Surprisingly, garlic is a very effective treatment against pinworms. There are multiple methods of using garlic to treat the infection. The most basic method is by eating fresh garlic. Powdered garlic will not be as effective. If you can tolerate the taste, eat a couple garlic cloves daily. If the taste is too overpowering, add ample amounts of fresh garlic to your meals.

The other garlic method is to make a topical cream. To do this, grind a few garlic cloves into a paste. Take a partial pinch of the garlic paste and mix it with vaseline and apply to the anal area. This will not only help kill off the parasites' eggs, it also serves to reduce itching.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Another natural way to rid the body of pinworms is to use grapefruit seed extract. This can be purchased at many health food stores or online. The extract comes in liquid or in pill form. If using pill form, take three tablets three times a day for a week. If using liquid form, consume ten drops mixed in a glass of water three times a day for a week. If after a week, there is little to no improvement, then you should consult a doctor.


Known as a potent worm-killing chemical, wormwood is an all-natural cure for pinworms, as well as other types of parasitic worm infections. The active ingredients in wormwood are called thujone and isothujone as well as santonin, all of which are known as effective remedies against parasitic diseases.

Wormwood works by weakening the parasites' membranes, thereby killing them. To use a wormwood treatment, simply make a tea using a cup of hot water and a quarter of a teaspoon of wormwood. Drink an entire cup on an empty stomach, preferably right when you wake up. Continue the treatment throughout the day by consuming a teaspoon of the tea every two to three hours.

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