Homemade parrot costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Parrot costumes are colourful and relatively easy to make. Although many directions call for sewing, if you are not good at it you can use fabric glue. While the parrot costume works in its own right, a baby can be dressed as a parrot for a Halloween, while a parent can dress as a pirate.

Parrot body and wings

There are several different colouring patterns for parrots. The traditional parrot that most people think of has a red body and yellow and blue feathers on the wings and tail. To mimic this pattern, use red trousers and a red shirt. For a baby, use a red, one-piece garment. Connect the sleeves to the side of the shirt so that the arms can be raised to shoulder height. Cut scallops into strips of yellow, blue and red felt on one side. Start at the bottom of the wing and attach the strips, scallops down. Start with the yellow strips, move on to the blue strips and finish with the red strips.

Parrot tail

Start with red felt and make strips with deep scallops. Sew the layers one under the other, making the tail longer with each row added. Move onto blue and then yellow felt at the bottom of the tail.

Parrot head

Get a red winter hat and sew a yellow felt beak to the front. For the eyes, sew a white felt circle on either side of the hat above the beak. Glue googly eyes in each white felt patch, near the bottom of the patch. Add a few feather-shaped felt patches in red, blue and yellow to hang off the back of the hat.

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