Easy to Make Fruit Punch

Updated March 23, 2017

Blend some savoury fruit punch for your next party or event. Create a simple fruit punch concoction that will taste like you gathered your fruit fresh in the Caribbean and spent hours mixing it. You can add alcohol to any of these recipes for adult parties, or it can be served with ice cream floating in the punch. Serve your punch cold, and be sure you make enough for all your guests so that there's enough for seconds.

Kid Fun Fruit Punch

A sweet combination of cherries and Hi-C will delight your tiny guests and have their moms begging for the recipe. The kids will also like the fizz in this punch which makes it taste a little more like a grown-up drink.

Use a large punch bowl and combine 1 quart ginger ale, 1 quart club soda, 1 quart orange juice and 1 cup of lemon juice. Combine, then add a small jar of maraschino cherries and orange, lemon and lime slices to garnish. Add ice to your punch bowl to keep your mixture cold. This makes a gallon of punch.

Mocktail Champagne Punch

Serve this champagne-tasting punch for a holiday brunch or during a baby shower. This non-alcoholic fruit punch tastes like a champagne punch but without the alcohol, so it's perfect to serve for a special occasion where both drinkers and non drinkers will gather. You can also add a few special touches to make this punch recipe extra special. Whipping up a batch of this punch takes less than 30 minutes and makes 20 servings.

Combine two 2-liter bottles of chilled ginger ale, a 1,360ml. can of chilled pineapple juice and a 2 litre (64oz.) bottle of chilled white grape juice. Mix well in a large punch bowl.

Make this extra punch special and create a floating ice ring to add to the middle of your bowl. Create the ring by filling a ring-shaped bund cake pan with water and freeze. Another option is to freeze ginger ale in the ring. Pop the liquid out of the pan when frozen and add to your bowl. Garnish the ring with fresh flowers or fruit.

English Granny Holiday Punch

This holiday punch has a punch of gin. The recipe was developed by an English grandmother from the group Grannies United as a holiday or special occasion punch fruit drink. This hodgepodge fruit punch is also great with a variety of other fruity alcoholic drinks.

Combine a quart of gin with 4 quarts of lemonade, a quart of orange juice and a quart of apple juice. Add lots of ice and garnish with floating oranges and lemons. You can also add any other delicious leftover Christmas drinks to your brew, such as white wine or cranberry juice.

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