Epididymitis Home Remedy

Updated February 21, 2017

Epididymitis occurs when the epididymus, a coiled tube at the back of the testicles that carries sperm, gets inflamed. Men, typically aged 19 to 35, will often feel pain and see swelling in the groin area as an indicator that they have epididymitis.


Some of the causes for epididymitis include sexually transmitted diseases (the most common cause), bacterial infections, amiadarone (an anti-arrhythmic heart medication), tuberculosis or urine in the epididymitis. The last cause happens when urine flows backward into the epididymitis, which can occur during heavy lifting or straining.

Herbal Treatments

There are a number of herbal supplements that have helped treat epididymitis. Echinacea, horsetail, saw palmetto berries, cranberry extract and chimaphilla are easily obtainable herbal supplements that can help this condition. If you have access to an herbalist, you can also try philodendron, pulsatilla or podophyllum. These are considered toxic substances, which is why an herbalist should oversee your use of them.


Take a hot bath for 15 to 30 minutes once or twice a day. The hot water improves circulation, particularly to the area submerged. Improved circulation will help speed up the body's ability to fight off the infection.

Lifestyle Changes

You can make some lifestyle changes to ease the pain and discomfort of epididymitis. Get bed rest and while you are lying down, make sure you elevate your scrotum by folding a towel up under it. You can also apply cold packs to your scrotum for 30 minutes at a time. When you do stand, wear an athletic supporter. Finally, don't have sex until the infection is cleared up.

Things to Avoid

Alcohol consumption and smoking seem to be two controllable risk factors associated with epididymitis. If you experience epididymitis, then it is best to avoid both of these things not only for the duration of the symptoms but to avoid future instances of the disease. Even exposure to second-hand smoke could cause the onset of symptoms.

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