Exercises that will increase bust size

Updated July 20, 2017

The breast is made up of glandular tissues, fat and muscle. To increase bust size through exercise, you must focus on the muscles of the chest and shoulder girdle. Through weight training, you can get firmer, fuller and larger looking breasts and actually increase inches.

Increasing Breast Size

To increase breast size, you must increase the size of the muscles in the chest, shoulders and sides of the breasts. Choose a weight that challenges you--maybe 9.07kg. Experiment a little, to determine the best weight for you.


The chest muscles are called the pectoralis muscles. The pectoralis minor connects into the corner of the arm socket. Toning this will lift the breast up from the middle and separate. The pectoralis minor will give you lovely cleavage, no matter your breast size. An incline bench press and flys work magic for the cleavage. Working the muscles on the sides will get rid of that flabby armpit. Straight rows and upward rows will tone the sides of the breast. The decline press works the lower pecs and lifts the whole breast for a perkier bustline. Another easy way to achieve this at home is with push-ups. Doing push-ups with the feet elevated or with the upper body elevated on a platform or exercise ball gives the effect of the incline and decline. Resistance bands can be used at home to do rows.


Start off with an exercise ball, resistance bands and a pair of 9.07kg. dumbbells. Test them in the store first to make sure they are not too heavy or too light. You should be able to lift them 5 to 10 times, but with effort. The 10th rep should not be easy.


Sit on the floor and lean against the ball, then roll onto it laying your head and shoulders on top of it. From this position you can press the weights straight forward (chest press), do it low (decline press), and do it high (incline press). Hold the arms out to the sides and keeping them straight, bring the hands together over you (fly).

Do push-ups with no accessories on the floor. Next put the exercise ball under your heels and do push-ups (incline); then put the exercise ball under your hands and do push-ups (decline).


Do 10 reps of each exercise. Work up from one set. When you can do three, increase the weight and start back at one set. Do this three times per week. Allow 1 to 2 days between workouts so your muscles have time to recover.

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