1,000 Calorie Daily Diet

Updated March 23, 2017

A 1,000 calorie diet is beneficial for those who need to lose weight quickly or need a body cleanse to improve health conditions. The 1,000 calorie daily diet consists of eating a balanced meal, but due to its low-calorie content, it is recommended for only a short time period, like 14 days. Consult your doctor before going on the 1,000-calorie daily diet because meeting nutritional needs may be difficult.

When the 1,000 Calorie Daily Diet is Appropriate

A 1,000 calorie daily diet is appropriate for those with a small build, usually women, who need to overcome a weight loss plateau or cleanse the digestive system from unhealthy eating and toxins.

1,000 Calorie Diet Plan

The 1,000 calories that can be consumed daily are divided among seven food groups: fruit; vegetables; grains; meats, beans, legumes and nuts; dairy; fats and oils, and other. The daily serving size is limited to 1 cup fruit, 1 cup vegetables, 85.1gr. grains, 56.7gr. meat, beans, legumes or nuts, 2 cups of dairy, 3 tsp (15g) oils and the remaining 165 calories to be distributed any way you like among the designated food groups.

Sample 1,000 Calorie Daily Diet Menu

Breakfast: 100-calorie serving of cereal or oatmeal, 1 cup skimmed milk (90 calories) and 1 small banana (90 calories).

Mid morning snack: strawberry shake made using 1 cup skimmed milk and 1/4 cup strawberries (65 calories).

Lunch: A sandwich using two slices whole grain reduced-calorie bread (70 calories total), 85.1gr. lean meat (50 calories) and any of the following if you want lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber pickles, olives, mushrooms or sprouts. Also have 1 plum (30 calories) and a zero-calorie drink such as water or tea.

Afternoon snack: Anything you want that contains 50 calories, preferably a healthy choice.

Dinner: A burrito using 1/2 cup beans (110 calories), 2 small flour tortillas or 1 large flour tortilla (160 calories), 1 cup shredded lettuce (8 calories), 1/4 cup shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese (50 calories) and rice (75 calories worth). You can also add up to 2 tbsp sour cream and salsa (20 calories total) if you like. Enjoy with a zero-calorie beverage.

After dinner snack: Any snack totalling about 90 calories.

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