Crafts made with lollipops

Updated April 17, 2017

With the endless choices of colours and shapes that lollipops come in, it's easy to get creative and use them for yummy, edible crafts. In many cases the lollipop sticks can be handy props to simplify your craft. As with any other edible craft, make sure the other supplies you are using are edible as well.

Lollipop flower bouquets

Rather than giving a fresh flower bouquet that will eventually wilt and die, try using eye-catching lollipops to create a tasty work of art. Start with any type of vase or small bucket and cover the bottom of it with floral foam. Simply stick the lollipops into the foam and create a personalised look. Use green tissue paper or plastic grass to cover the foam in order to make the bouquet look even more real. Lollipops are also easy props if you want to make a themed bouquet. If you're making one for a 40th birthday party, consider using only black lollipops for an "Over-the-Hill" theme. If it's for a Sweet Sixteen party, fill the bouquet with pink and purple lollipops.

Lollipop tree

A lollipop tree can be made with a styrofoam cone or even a coffee cup, and you don't need a holiday to do it. Sticking the lollipop sticks through the styrofoam is all you need to do to adhere the lollipops to the base, so you can spend the rest of your energy creating a pattern for your tree. For special occasions, try embellishments to "decorate" the tree as you might if it were a real Christmas tree. Keep the lollipops wrapped if you don't plan on eating the lollipop tree right away so that it can be preserved until you are ready to display it.

Lollipop picture frame

A lollipop picture frame is a great craft for kids because it's simple and inexpensive to make. Glue four tongue depressers together at the corners to form a rectangle, about the right size for a picture. Have the children use either white glue or rubber cement to stick the lollipops to the frame in a design of their own (they'll have the option of using the whole lollipop or just the candy part). To make the frame more manageable, the candy should be unwrapped and painted with clear nail polish or shellac to cover up the sticky coating. Then simply glue or tape a picture on the opposite side of the sticks to complete the lollipop picture frame.

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