How to Use Brush Remover & Root Killer to Remove Cedar Bush Roots

Brush remover and root killer can be purchased in a spray, a foams or pellets. These chemicals are toxic and can kill surrounding plants as well. Cedar bushes are used as shrubs to line house fronts or fences. They have shallow root systems that spread out laterally beneath the soil. Their roots tend to grow into sewer pipes and can become quite a menace for homeowners. Cedar bushes can be removed mechanically by digging out the stumps and roots, or chemically with brush remover and root killer.

Spray the brush remover onto the cedar bush according to the directions on the spray bottle packaging. Wait a few days for the cedar bush to turn brown, dry out and die. Cut back the dead foliage as close to the ground as you possibly can with a hedge trimmer. Use an axe to cut the trunk down to ground level.

Coat the stump thoroughly with root killer. Apply it again in a few days if you notice any new growth on the stump.

Bore holes into and around the roots that are growing near sidewalks, driveways, or sewer lines. Spray the foaming root killer into the holes. Fill the holes back in with dirt.


Apply root killer annually to keep roots from entering your sewage system.

Things You'll Need

  • Brush removal spray
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Axe
  • Mechanical borer
  • Foaming root killer
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