Games to Play on Bus Trips

Updated March 23, 2017

When you're planning a long bus trip with a group, a lot of time may be spent twiddling your thumbs and staring out the window unless you think of some fun activities. Icebreaker games bring people together and help pass the time faster.

Guess What

One of the simplest games to play on a bus trip is "Guess What." One person is "it." He has to pick a person, place, or thing to "be" and must reveal this one detail to the group. Everyone on the bus then has to ask the point person questions to help identify the person, place or thing he chose. For example, "Are you red?" or "Have you been in movies?" The point person can only say "yes" or "no." Whoever guesses the correct answer first wins.

Topic Chain

Pick a topic, such as first names of celebrities or names of television shows. Each person has to say a name or show quickly, without pausing or hesitating. Start at the front of the bus and work your way back. Anyone who misses her turn or stumbles while thinking of an answer has to rest her head on the back of the seat in front of her. This game will get people laughing and keep players on their toes. The winner is the last player with her head still up. You can reward the winner with a free ticket or token (in the case of a bus trip to an amusement park or casino).

One to Three

If you want an icebreaker game to bring the group on the bus closer during the trip, play "One to Three." One person picks three people on the bus to ask the same question. Because three people are asked the same question, the asker can be inquisitive of one person without revealing his interest to just that one person. It's a great way to allow shy people to get to know one another by asking innocent and fun questions during the trip.

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