Where to find hibiscus tea

Updated March 23, 2017

Hibiscus is a fragrant flower that can be made into tea. It is served hot and cold, and is popular in various parts of the world including Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Hibiscus tea has a tart berry flavour and contains vitamin C. Internal Medicine News has reported that hibiscus tea provides many other benefits, including lowering high blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels.

Comparison sites

You may purchase hibiscus tea online through merchants abroad. The Internet has expanded the market for teas since people from opposite parts of the world can trade tea. There are many hibiscus tea merchants listed online, including Dragon Water Tea Company and Parthenon Foods. You can also compare prices through websites such as Yahoo Shopping.

Coffee shops and local stores

You may buy hibiscus tea bags at coffee shops that sell the drink, such as Argo Tea Cafe in Chicago or Tea Station in southern California. The popular coffee chain Peet's Coffee also sells hibiscus tea. You may also be able to buy hibiscus tea at local stores, particularly Middle Eastern or Persian stores. Hibiscus tea is a popular drink in the Middle East, where it is served hot or over ice. Hibiscus tea is sold in tea bags or loose leaf tea that you steep in a diffuser.

Buy hibiscus flowers

You may also buy hibiscus flowers and steep them to make your own tea at home. Merchants such as Nile Valley Teas sell bags of hibiscus flowers from Texas, and ship them anywhere in the United States. Dried hibiscus flowers store well, and can be used for a variety of purposes such as adding colour to food or infusing beverages with a flowery, citrus taste.

Hibiscus powder

Another way to make hibiscus tea is to buy it in powder form. Hibiscus powder is pink, and may be dissolved in hot water to make tea. You can also add the powder to desserts like cakes to give them a subtle pink colour. It is considered a celebratory drink, and is served at Egyptian weddings.

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