Homemade Wasp Killer

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have a wasp problem in or around your home, hiring a professional exterminator may be the best way to get rid of it. But if the idea of spraying toxic chemicals around your family makes you uneasy, you can easily and inexpensively create your own wasp sprays and traps that will do the job.

Soap Spray

Dilute one part liquid dish soap in three parts water. Shake the mixture well, and spray it directly onto the wasp or wasps.


Find the cheapest alcohol-based hairspray you can, and spray it directly onto the pests. Be sure to spray a lot at once---but cover your mouth and nose to keep from inhaling it yourself, because the fumes can be abrasive.

Shampoo Spray

Combine one tablespoon of peppermint extract with one tablespoon of unscented baby shampoo. Pour the mix into a pint of warm water in a spray bottle, then spray the wasps with it.


Create wasp traps by inverting two-liter bottles, cutting the bottoms off, stapling or taping them to trees in a semicircular pattern roughly 50 feet apart, and filling the bottom two inches of each bottle with sugary fizzy drink or sugar water. If you can kill at least one or two of the wasps first with a fly swatter, put their bodies inside the top of one of the bottles. The smell, along with the sweetness of the soda, will attract other wasps to the area. They will fly into the funnels and drown.


Mix a solution of two tablespoons of bleach and one gallon of warm water. Shake it, and spray it directly onto the wasp or wasp nest.


Before undertaking any wasp-extermination efforts at home, be sure to protect your body and face by donning long-sleeved clothing, long trousers, a net and hat over your face and protective glasses for your eyes. Angry wasps can be extremely aggressive and may seek revenge even a day after being partially doused with spray. When possible, it is always best to enlist the help of a professional exterminator to deal with aggressive pests. If you have decided to take matters into your own hands, keep family members and neighbours away while you are exterminating a wasp nest, and protect yourself as well as possible from stings. It is also advisable to have sting antivenom on hand, just in case you are swarmed during the procedure.

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