Sony Wega LCD TV Troubleshooting

The Sony Wega liquid crystal display (LCD) television is an expansive, flat-screen device incorporating some of the company's most advanced LCD technology. It is ideal for home movies, television and video games. However, even the best LCD television can malfunction or stop working. Discover Wega TV troubleshooting strategies to help you pinpoint and resolve these issues so you can get back to watching you favourite television show.


Rule out the basics before attempting more advanced troubleshooting strategies. Some of the most common problems are caused by common mistakes. Make sure the Sony Wega LCD television is plugged directly into a reliable power source and not into an extension cable or outlet expander. A poor power source can cause many problems, including colour display issues, short circuiting, flickering and random shutdowns.

In addition, check that you are in the right viewing mode. The television has various input options, and setting the TV to the wrong setting can result in a black or blue screen. Press "Mode" on the TV's remote control to switch between viewing options.

Finally, wipe down the Wega TV's front display with a soft, lint-free cloth. Physical debris such as water droplets, dust and finger prints can distort the image on the screen or cause strange colours. A TV in a high traffic area such as a living room is especially prone to becoming dirty.

Connections and Cables

Problems with the physical connection cables can cause viewing problems, including static on the screen, interference or complete malfunctioning. Make sure the cable for your cable service is connected to the back of the TV. Spin the bolt at the end of the cable to verify that it is tight and connected firmly. If using extraneous devices such as a video game console, make sure the console's output cables are plugged into the right input ports on the back of the Wega LCD TV. Such cables are colour coded (i.e. red, white and yellow) and should be plugged into the same colour.


Sometimes, the Wega TV's problems can be hard-wired into its software settings and individuals must reset the TV to wipe its internal memory clean. This typically resolves most software-related issues, including problems with the channel software or parental controls. To reset the Wega LCD TV to its original factory settings, press and hold the "Reset" button on the remote control while the TV is on. Simultaneously, press and hold the "Power" button on the TV's front display panel. The TV's display will flash, turn off and then turn back on. Release both buttons. The Wega TV is now reset, and any internal software-related problems should be gone.

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