Women's Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Updated November 21, 2016

Women's hairstyles for thinning hair don't have to be boring or unappealing. There are numerous hairstyles that hide thinning hair and look stylish as well. If your hair is thinning, the goal of your hairstyle should be to compliment your face shape as well as to make you feel comfortable and beautiful with your hair.

Short Styling

If you have short hair that is thinning, consider a bob. A chin-length bob will draw more attention to your face than to your hair. To make a classic bob look even fuller, pin your hair behind your ears with hair pins.

Medium Styling

If you have medium hair that is thinning, cut your hair all one length, so that the ends appear bluntly cut. This cut gives the effect of fullness, especially when partially pinned back. If you are just beginning to thin or are only thinning in one spot, ask your hairstylist to layer your hair. Layering can give your hair a lot of shape, texture and the illusion of body. Thicker layers will help to cover up your thinning spots.

Long Styling

If you have long hair that is beginning to thin, you can choose to wear your hair up or down. If you mostly wear your hair down, remember that layers can work to cover up thinning spots and give the illusion of volume.

Wearing your hair up is one of the best ways to hide thinning hair. Any kind of updo will put the focus on the styled part of your hair, instead of your thinning spots. Even a simple ponytail can help you hide your thinning spots. Updos allow you to put the focus on your face instead of your hair.

If you put your hair up and find that thinning spots toward your hairline show too much, wear a pretty headband with your updo.


Wearing fringe is a great way to add volume to the front of your hair and to trick the eye into looking more at your face than at your hair. Side swept fringe help cover thinning hair around your temple, as well as draw attention to one side of your hairstyle, which can help you minimise the look of thinning on the other side of your head.

Straight fringe that come down to the tops of your eyebrows add the illusion of a lot of body toward the front of your head. Beware of this style if the majority of your thinning is right at the crown of your head. Straight fringe work best to minimise the effect of thinning spots around the rest of the head.

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