Women's spikey short hair styles

Updated April 17, 2017

Short, spikey hair is becoming just as popular on women as it is on men. These hairstyles can be tame and subtle or dramatic and punk. Some women choose them for their low-maintenance style, while others feel the need to make a statement. Whatever the variety you prefer, there are many short, spikey hairstyles out there for you to choose from.

Before You Go Short

Going from long to short can be scary and exciting. Before you decide to chop it all off, you need to consider your reasons for going short, your hair texture and face shape. If your reasons are for yourself, because you need change and it will be easier than manage, then go for it. Do not try going short because it is the trend or to emulate a celebrity you admire. Not every haircut looks good on every woman, and short haircuts take time to grow out of.

Curly hair is much harder to form into a short, spiky look, unless going extremely short. Thick hair can give you a more punk look, with thick spikes, while you're able to create a soft, wispy look with fine hair. Long face shapes are well-suited for short hair, unless you have a prominent chin, which becomes highlighted by the cut. Oval face shapes work well with any cut, but square and round faces need some length.

Popular Short Hairstyles

Short, spiky haircuts have been made popular by singer Pink, model Agyness Deyn, actress Annette Bening and reality-TV star Kate Gosselin. Pink has gone between more soft, subtle spikes and longer, dishevelled spikes. She is the perfect example of how interesting colour can be used with short, spiky hair, giving colour more dimension than with longer cuts. Agyness Deyn is following Pink's lead and has opted for long spikes pointing in all directions. Women looking for a more feminine version of the cut should look no further than Annette Bening, who uses very little product and short spikes to soften her look. Kate Gosselin has opened women up to the world of half and half, with the back of her head in spikes and the front longer and straight.

Products and Management

Once you have achieved your perfect short, spiky cut, you need to know how exactly to manage it. Many products are geared for just this haircut. It is usually better to stick to products that are thick and hold hair better, such as gels, spiking glue and hair putty. You can usually find these in the women's section, but you might be able to find these products in the men's section. Remember, the more hold the better because spikes, by nature, defy gravity which is not an easy feat.

For a basic style, you need to rub a pea-sized amount of product in the palms of your hand, run the product through your hair and shape the spikes using your fingers. You can be finished here, or you may use a blow-dryer for better hold. Finish off with hairspray and remember that frequent trims are necessary in order to keep your cut looking its best.

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