Potted Calla Lily Plant Care

Updated February 21, 2017

The calla lily is native to southern Africa, and is not actually a member of the lily family. It produces large flowers that resemble funnels, and can be white, yellow or pink. They are commonly grown indoors as ornamental plants, despite the fact that all parts of the plant are highly toxic. Potted calla lilies can easily be grown indoors with a little care and routine maintenance.


Choose a medium-sized planter with holes in the bottom to allow bottom watering. Place the planter in a location that will receive between six and eight hours of direct sunlight each day. Fill the planter with a high quality potting soil, and dig a small hole in the centre.

Place the calla lily tuber into the hole, with the pointed side facing up. Pack the soil around the tuber, leaving only the tip exposed. Place a saucer under the container to catch water as it drains through, and then soak the soil with water to begin the growing cycle.


Keep the soil constantly moist, almost to the point of being soggy. Calla lilies are considered aquatic plants, and they prefer consistently damp soil. Fill the saucer under the planter daily, ensuring there is always water available. This is a safe way to allow the soil to absorb the moisture it needs as necessary.


Start fertilising after the root system is established and considerable top growth has begun. Use a balanced 10-10-10 NPK fertiliser to encourage foliage and flower development. Feed the calla lily once every three weeks, following the manufacturer's directions to ensure proper dosage.


Check the calla lily tuber prior to planting for any signs of damage or disease. Contact the location from which the tuber was acquired if any diseases are present. Calla lilies are susceptible to leaf spot, root rot and tomato spotted wilt. Remove any infected tubers as soon as possible, and burn them in a remote location to prevent the spread of mould spores.

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