Cake decorating ideas for an 80th birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

An 80th birthday is a feat in and of itself and should be recognised through inventive cake decoration, assuming cake is still in the cards at that age. While 80 candles might melt the cake, burn the house down or be too many to blow out, many other fun decorations and additions can make the 80th birthday cake a memorable fun experience for everyone involved.

Autumn Themed

As an age, 80 is known as the Autumn of our lives. When we reach this impressive old age, an Autumn theme might be and inventive approach for decorating an 80th birthday cake. Chocolate and carrots are options for a cake, as chocolate will create a darker brown canvas for the cake decorations, which falls into the whole autumnal theme. Edible leaves made of sugar can be purchased from speciality cake and pastry stores, but talented cake decorators can pretty much design anything out of icing.

A Cake a Decade

If you want to go really wild, make eight small cakes. Each one can represent a different decade, with a different flavour or theme. That way, the senior having his or her birthday can try small amounts of each one--reminiscing, perhaps, different decades in their lives. The vanilla years, the strawberry cake decade, the angel food cake he or she used to eat as a child are all ideas. The decorations on top of each of the cakes could even spell something out collectively, with a word on each one like: "Cakes For Eighty More Sweet Years, Love You!"

An "80" Cake

A cake baked like an "80" is always a fun and funny option for an 80th birthday party cake decoration. This can be carved out of a larger cake, which may take some special care and specific tools or might be an expensive order at a professional cake shop. However, a cake shaped like an "80" could also be homemade, which might be more fun and mean more to the senior for whom you are making the cake. With two smaller pans, you can bake individual round cakes and put them together to form an "8." With a normal-sized baking pan, you can bake a normal cake and then cut the corners off, rounding it out to form a "0." Then, with the icing, you can make the "80" stand out off the three cakes that have been combined into one milestone number.

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