Inexpensive Crafts to Make & Sell

Updated April 17, 2017

You certainly can make crafts inexpensively. You can sell them at craft sales and farmer's markets. It is more economical to sell your crafts online, but there is no reason you can't sell at as many outlets you have enough crafts for. Many places charge small fees, sometimes just a percentage of what you sell. The most successful crafters are not the ones who spend a lot of money on their supplies, they are the ones with very unique ideas or an individual style that stands out.


If you have been into beading and making jewellery, consider checking out Internet auction sites that sell "store return jewellery." These are jewellery pieces that have been purchased and then returned. The prices are very low. However, items may be damaged, which is perfect for taking apart and reusing the quality parts to reinvent them in your own style. Many discount and budget online sites sell beads and jewellery findings. When you are making jewellery to sell, you know it is mostly women who purchase these kinds of items, but it's also important to consider different age groups. Offer a variation in price. Have some "junk jewellery" at the lower price end for teens and preteens.

Holiday Ornaments

Build up your inventory for the holidays if you aren't a full-time crafter. Ornaments are a "best seller" item, both online and at holiday craft shows. Again, your idea should be unique. But even more important is that you can personalise your ornament with a name. Personalised items can be found in the commercial world, but so many people have names spelt in different ways. They cannot ever find anything with their name written correctly. Also, people purchase ornaments for someone who has everything, someone not known well or someone they have to get a small gift for, such as a child's teacher, a co-worker or a neighbour. Start advertising your ornaments online at craft sites as early as September. Any orders you can get out early will benefit you when you are sitting at craft shows every weekend after Thanksgiving.


Almost everyone of every age loves to do crafts. Make craft kits for all ages. Once you really think about this idea, your mind may start running faster than you can write down your ideas. But pull your thoughts in and choose a specific craft in which you are proficient. Make a list within that particular category, such as quilting, card making or jewellery. To keep your costs low, choose smaller projects that can be made in one or two sittings. If your craft is quilting, pot holders, clutch purses, tote bags or lap quilts are good starter projects. Now consider how you can make beginner projects. You will sell mostly beginner kits, as more advanced quilters would not need a kit. Now, you will need to make each project and take a picture of it. Scan it into your computer so you can place a picture of it on the inside front of each kit. Write instructions as though you were talking to someone who had never quilted before. Place these items, plus the materials to complete the project, inside a clear plastic bag.

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