70's Birthday Cake Ideas

It's always fun to dress up like it's the 1970s; the colours were bright, and the designs were happy. So of course, a '70s themed birthday party will always go over well! But what kind of cake do you have at a '70s party? Most people are going with variations of the happy face cake, the peace sign cake, the flower power cake, the hippy cake, or the disco cake.

Happy Face Cake

This cake is very easy to make. Just start with a round cake, and ice the whole thing in white, or a funky '70s colour like purple or fuchsia. Then draw a circle with black icing, fill it in with yellow, and add the eyes and smiling mouth in black for a classic '70s happy face. Write your message around the face, and add some coloured flowers if you like.

If you don't want to write on the cake, you can just ice the whole round cake yellow and draw your face in black, so the entire cake is a big happy face.

Peace Sign Cake

This cake might even be easier than the happy face cake. Start with a round cake, iced white, and draw a peace sign that fills the entire circle. The outside edge will follow the edge of the cake; then draw a vertical line dissecting the circle, and an upside-down V on the bottom half of the circle. Your colours for the peace sign can be psychedelic rainbow-inspired colours like purple, red, yellow, blue, green or a combination. If you're feeling extra creative, apply the coloured icing in circles and drag a knife through them, making a tie-dyed pattern.

Flower Power Cake

This is a simple cake, but a bit trickier to make. Start with a basic round or rectangular cake, and ice it in your base colour; don't be afraid to use something bright like fluorescent green, orange or purple. Pipe an icing border around the perimeter of your cake in another of those bright hues, or alternate between them. Then write your message on your cake, alternating between bright colours and letting the letters look hand-drawn, like graffiti.

Surround the letters with large icing flowers in the bright hues mentioned, as well as yellow, blue and pink. Use M&Ms or Skittles for the middles of your flowers, or just big bright circles of icing.

Hippy Cake

Start with a person-shaped cake mould so that your cake will be in the shape of a '70s character. Then use coloured icing to draw bellbottoms on the person, a T-shirt with a peace sign, happy face, or coloured tie-dye pattern, and an afro or long straight hair. You can use chocolate or coloured sprinkles to make an afro, or icing rosettes. Drag a fork through the hair to make it look long and straight, or use liquorice whips. Then put a flower or two in the character's hair.

Disco Cake

This is the most ambitious and involved of the '70s cakes. Start with several cakes stacked up in tiers, with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on the top. Ice the entire tiered cake in silver or a fun colour like orange or purple. Add some flowers, sparkles or swirled designs on the cake, and cardboard cutouts of dancers wearing bell-bottoms around the bottom tier, or a doll or two dressed in disco outfits. You can write a message on one of the other tiers if you like. Top the whole thing off with a small disco ball.

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