Children's Craft Ideas for Mother's Day

Updated June 26, 2018

Mother's Day crafts made by children are sweet and sentimental gifts for any mother. Most moms would prefer a handmade gift to anything that can be purchased at the mall. Many Mother's Day crafts require only a few materials but result in a cherished gift for mom and can be adapted to fit the skills of different age groups.

Hand-Print Plate

Purchase a clear glass plate. Dip the child's hand in paint. Press her hand gently on the back side of the plate so it shows through. Repeat with the other hand if there is enough room. Allow the hand prints to dry. Choose decorative tissue paper for the background. Use a d├ęcoupage medium to adhere the tissue paper to the back of the plate, on top of the hand prints. This will seal the hand prints in so the paint can't be scraped off, while allowing them to show through the front of the plate.

Candy Dish

Choose a glass container in any shape from a craft store. Mix a few drops of white glue with tempera paint to make it stick to the glass better. Allow the children to paint the glass containers in any pattern. Allow the container to dry. Fill the container with candy. Wrap the container in cellophane or tulle.

Paper Flowers

Make a flower template. Trace the template onto different colours of construction paper or decorative patterned paper. Cut photos into circles to serve as the centre of each flower. Glue the pictures onto the flowers. Laminate the flowers to make them last longer. Tape a green pipe cleaner to the back of each flower. Place the flowers in a vase.

Coupon Book

Create a coupon book for mom. Brainstorm a list of things the children can do for her. Ideas include setting the table, washing the dishes, giving her a foot massage or picking up after themselves. Use a word processing program to create a coupon for each task on the list. Print the coupons and cut them into strips. Make a cover for the coupon book with construction paper. Have the children decorate the covers. Staple the coupons and covers together to create the book.

Flower Pot

Decorate a terracotta pot as a Mother's Day present. Choose a pot of any size. Use paint to decorate the pot and tray. Use paintbrushes, sponges and fingers to create a unique look on the Mother's Day pot. Choose a few packets of flower seeds. Tuck the seeds, a pair of gardening gloves and a few gardening tools into the decorated pot.

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