Privet hedge tips

Green, dense privet hedge is one of the easiest hedges to grow because it survives in all kinds of soil, with or without sunlight. Even if you plant it and forget it, your privet hedge will grow. However, consider keeping your privet hedge pruned since it can grow up to 6 metres (20 feet) high. The privet hedge is great for privacy but it will also keep out sunlight and wind. If these are not your goals, prune your privet hedge regularly.


Choose privet hedge that is ideally at least three years old. You should space the plants approximately 30 cm (12 inches) apart. They will grow together on their own as they get bigger. Dig a hole just deep enough to cover the roots completely. Leaving the soil from the planting container in place, put the roots in the hole and replace the soil. The plant should stand up by itself. Water the new privet hedge as needed at least once every three days for a few weeks. After that, there is no need for additional watering unless there is a dry spell. Privet hedge grows in all parts of the country. In fact, it is almost impossible to make a mistake with privet hedge so this is an ideal choice for someone who does not have green fingers. You can grow privet hedge from seed but it will take longer to see results.


Pruning privet hedge is very easy since you do not have to work around stems and flowers. Simply decide how much you want to take off and cut it down to that size. You can prune privet hedge as short as you like; it will grow back with a vengeance. Privet should be cut two times in a season -- once in the early spring and once in the late autumn but you can prune it as often as every eight weeks. Electric hedge trimmers make this job quicker.

Ongoing care

If you are planting privet hedge as a natural boundary you may still prune it but only take off a few centimetres in each pruning for maximum growth per season. If the weather is very dry, consider giving your privet hedge water when you water your lawn but, for the most part, it does not require more water than it gets through natural rainfall. If you do water it, use a nozzle with a spray so that the water flows naturally like rain water and ensure you wet the roots. You don't need to buy fertiliser for your privet hedge; it will grow nicely by itself.

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