Wooden craft ideas

Wooden crafts are easy to make with small pieces of scrap lumber. These wood scraps can be picked up for pennies at the local lumber yard. Many times the wood is offered for free. Recycle wood scrap pieces by turning them into unique craft ideas. From seasonal projects to fun decorations for the garden, all it takes is a little imagination to create some wonderful, wooden craft ideas.

Wall Decor

Easy wall decorations can be made for the bathroom, laundry room or kitchen with very little work. Wood pieces that measure 1-by-3 inches or longer can be sanded down, decorated with a paper cut-out and then stained or sealed with varnish. Apply a metal finding on the back for hanging on the wall. The paper cut-out can be from extra wallpaper or border so the wall decor matches.

Shelf Decor

Small pieces of wood can be painted to be used for holiday or seasonal decorations. Simply paint the entire surface of the wood in the colours desired. Cubes can be decorated with letters to spell out seasonal phrases. The blocks can be used to say things like "Welcome," "Home Sweet Home" or nestled in a group of pictures to proclaim "Family." The wood pieces can be any shape and size. It is the painting which transforms the ordinary scrap into a decoration.

Garden Signs

A simple 2-by-4 piece of lumber can be turned into a garden decoration. Cut a 4 foot section of wood off the board. Make sure the cut is at an angle. Paint the cut section with exterior paint and allow to dry. Paint other decorations or sayings, as desired. The posts can say things like "Herb Alley," "Weed Street" or "Garden Highway." Another great idea for outdoor wood crafts is to notch a 1" x 3" board so clay pots can fit and hang on the sides. These make great additional plant hangers for the porch or light pole. The plans are simple and easy to replicate for any size clay pot. A picture, and more ideas about these planters is listed in the resource section of this article.

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