Jewelry Display Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Once you create your beautiful handcrafted jewellery, it is important to display your work appealingly. Otherwise, the beauty of your jewellery will not translate to your customers. When preparing for a trade show or home show, you must understand the nature of each piece of jewellery and present it accordingly in your jewellery display. Your jewellery display communicates your style as a jewellery artist, so your display should be designed to emphasise your distinction from other designers.

Earring Display Ideas

If you are targeting a conservative crowd, or are looking for a quick display solution, look for commercial earring displays at jewellery supply stores. These include spinning earring racks and earring stands.

Use a sushi-roll mat for a creative earring display. Pin several sushi-roll mats to the wall to create a display that is both easy and interesting. Hang earrings along the grooves of the mat.

Place earrings on textured fabric spread over a table. This is a relaxed way to invite customers to pick up the earrings for a closer view. Add ambience with props such as leaves, flowers or other items that translate your personality as an artist.

Necklace Display Ideas

Use commercial necklace displays such as busts or jewellery boxes. The benefit of using a bust is that it maintains the form of your necklace.

Display the necklace with its matching bracelet or earrings in a side-by-side display. This can be done with commercial jewellery displays, or with your own.

Display pendant necklaces on a hanging tree branch. When hung vertically, pendant necklaces look graceful, and the placement emphasises the beautiful pendant. The tree branch adds a natural feeling, making it a perfect solution for a jewellery collection that is naturally inspired.

Bracelet Display Ideas

For delicate bracelets, line them side-by-side on a textured cloth over your table. Hanging delicate bracelets from commercial displays runs the risk of customers pulling at the bracelets and breaking them.

Place chunky bracelets over props. Find items that communicate the atmosphere you would like to create. For example, a nature-inspired jewellery artist can use large, smooth rocks to prop her chunky bracelets.

Display cuffs on a T-bar bracelet display. A T-Bar maintains the form of the cuff, and allows customers to easily slide the cuff on and off the display.

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