Parents' 40th wedding anniversary gifts

Updated July 19, 2017

Forty years of marriage is a milestone in a couple's relationship. As a child, giving your parents a special gift for their 40th wedding anniversary is important. The gift should be meaningful and something that celebrates their accomplishment together. While the ruby theme has long been associated with the gift, finding anniversary presents your parents can enjoy together will give a lasting impression.

Determining Style and Personalities

In giving a memorable gift, your parents' style and personality should be assessed. After all, a couple who is deathly afraid of water might not enjoy a cruise to the Bahamas, and a couple that hasn't had a formal dinner in 20 years might see a new set of expensive china as an unusual gift. If you have siblings, discuss common activities your parents enjoy doing together. After a long brainstorming session, three to four themes or ideas should come into play. Work from this list together to decide on your parent's anniversary present.

Setting a Budget

If you have siblings, try to assess each one's financial state. As a group, set a maximum amount you want to spend on the anniversary gift; and, take into account each one's ability to pay. Setting a budget will help narrow the field of ideas. If you are an only child and money is tight, focus your ideas on something that might have more sentimental value.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

While finding gift ideas might seem like a frustrating task, especially for parents who seem to have everything, it is not impossible. Usually, two factors are present: money and originality. If your siblings are set on sending your parents on a Caribbean cruise but you can hardly make this month's rent payment, don't fret. Cruises don't have to be expensive. Looking to be more original? If your parents enjoy wine and fail to branch from the local grocery store £6 dollar bottle, send them on a tour of wine country in Napa Valley, California. Wanting to do something even more? Surprise them with a ride to the airport in a limousine. Going early in the season (April) before the tourist peak is a more cost-effective option.

If a trip is out of the question and you're looking for something more sentimental, a great idea is to create a collage of home videos and photos of their life together. This can take a lot of time. A great way to present the gift is at a large party with family and friends. Memory boxes are another excellent idea that don't have to cost hundreds of dollars. Find your parents' wedding certificate, special newspaper clippings, family memorabilia or anything similar and place them in a glass box where they can see as a daily reminder their life together. The bottom line: Give your parents something they wouldn't normally give themselves and allow them to enjoy their monumental accomplishment together.

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