Undercut Bob Hairstyles

Updated March 21, 2017

An undercut bob is simply a bob with a reverse layering, making the hair turn under a bit. This cut has been made popular by show-business greats since the 1920s, and remains popular today with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria. Talk to your stylist before getting your hair cut this way, but bobs are generally flattering on everyone.

The Undercut Bob

Look at some pictures of celebrities or historical pictures beforehand. It's best to go in with a picture of what you're after to prevent a miscommunication between you and your hairstylist, which could potentially leave you frustrated or disappointed. For further inspiration, you can look at pictures of celebrities like Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Eva Longoria or Paris Hilton, all of whom have sported this hairstyle.


Consider getting fringe with your undercut bob to add a little bit of edge or soften the look. Straight-across fringe have been popularised by Amelie in the film by the same name and continue to enjoy celebrity status on the likes of Lady Gaga. These chunky fringe will give your undercut bob a bit of something extra and make you appear a little bit more modern.

For a softer look, try getting side-swept fringe. These fringe, parted to the side, will instantly add a bit of glamour to your look and soften out any harshness that a short haircut can create. If you get side-swept fringe, consider teasing your hair a bit at the crown after parting it.

Reverse Bob

You can also get an undercut bob in what is called a reverse bob. With this haircut, the front sections of your hair will be a tad bit longer than the other sections. This can make your cut look a bit more sophisticated and less childlike, as sometimes bobs evoke a juvenile look. This tilted bob has been seen on the heads of Jenny McCarthy, Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham and Jane Fonda.

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