Fun Bat & Ball Games for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Children love to play games with a bat and ball outdoors in the sunshine. Bat and ball games are fun to play together as a family as well. There are several different games you can play with a simply bat and ball. A full nine-player baseball team is not necessary. Use however many people you have and enjoy a good time.

Whiffle Ball

Whiffle ball is a good game for kids because they play it with a plastic ball and bat The bat is not heavy, making it easier for small children to swing and hit the ball. The rules of whiffle ball are the same as baseball. Set up three bases and home plate. Split up your group into two even teams and swing away.


Traditional baseball uses nine players, but you can play with any number of children you have. Set up the three bases along with home plate. Baseball players use wooden or aluminium bats as opposed to the plastic bat of whiffle ball. It is best if an adult tosses the ball to the batter because someone could get hurt if hit with the ball. Allow the pitcher to get up closer to smaller children while at bat. Give younger kids a head start when running to the base to make the game fun for everyone. Serve popcorn and peanuts at your next home baseball game to make the experience seem even more like being at a real ballpark.


Softball is similar to baseball, except that a large ball is used. The bigger ball is better suited to small children because itl gives them a bigger target to swing at. You can use aluminium or wooden bats.


Cricket is similar to baseball, but originated in England around the 16th century. Cricket players use a flat wooden bat instead of a round wooden or aluminium bat. The rules for cricket are a little more complicated than baseball, softball or whiffle ball, but the goal is the same: to get as many runs as possible. You need 11 players for each team.

Stool Ball

Set up a lightweight stool in the middle of a small playing space. Choose one person to defend the stool with a bat he can use to fend off balls. Other children stand 10 to15 feet away and take turns trying to knock over the stool by throwing balls at the stool. The child who knocks over the stool first is the new stool protector.

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