Ideas for Covering Sofas

Updated February 21, 2017

Your sofa is a central decorative feature of the room. Ideas for covering sofas can help to give a unique look that can match or enhance your decor. You can save money while creating your look by using materials and supplies that are already found in your home.


With the right fabric pattern and a little creativity, you can cover your sofa in a way that makes it look like your favourite animal. Cover your sofa in a white fabric with large black spots on it, add some pillows with images of cows on them, and you have a cow-themed couch. You could also use a sofa cover that is the same colour as the coat of the family dog or cat. A fabric with a tiger strip pattern could make a unique sofa covering as well.


As the holidays and seasons change, so can your sofa covers. For the Christmas holiday, try using a green fabric and red pillows. You could also sew together several Christmas tree skirts to create a sofa cover. Pastel colours such as pink and light blue would work well for spring and the Easter season, while earth tones such as brown and orange would give your couch a fall look with a Halloween theme.

Drapes and Sheets

If you have an old set of drapes or bed sheets that are stored away, then you may have sofa coverings already at your disposal. Clean patterned bed sheets without holes in them can make comfortable and attractive sofa covers. Sew your old drapes together and use them as a sofa cover. Sewing together a group of beach towels will also help to create a sofa cover that people will not forget. A canvas dust sheet from an old painting job can be washed and used as a sofa cover. If it still has paint stains on it, then that will just add to the decoration.


If you knit scarves or quilts, then you can use that skill to create a personalised sofa cover. You can knit a sofa cover in a variety of your favourite colours, or you can knit squares and then connect them. Knit squares that contain images of your favourite cartoon characters, or tell the history of your family.

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