Homemade Monster Costumes

Updated November 21, 2016

Monster costumes are always a great idea for Halloween, which is supposed to be a spooky night. There are some simple costumes you can make that will be more original than anything you can buy and will cost a lot less. With just a bit of time and a few resources, you can transform anyone into a monster for the night.

Swamp Monster

You can transform into a swamp monster with just a little bit of work. Start with a green, black or grey sweat suit. Buy decorative moss from your local craft store and glue it onto the sweat suit with fabric glue. You can attach as much or as little of the moss as you would like.

When you put the costume on, wrap a fishing net, which you can purchase at any sporting goods store, around your torso. Wrap your head in grey gauze and use grey or green face paint. Accent your costume further by tangling small plastic snakes into the net.

Twin Monsters

If you have two people who would like to be monsters, they can be a two-headed one. Have both people wear dark-coloured trousers. Buy the largest long-sleeve shirt you can find that will accommodate both people, allowing for both of their torsos to fit in the shirt as well as their necks to fit through the neck hole. If necessary, cut a hole large enough for both heads.

Accent the shirt with synthetic fur, which you can buy at your local hobby store for a monsterlike effect. Put the shirt on both people, with each of them putting an arm through the sleeve on their side. Paint the faces of both people with green or grey paint, adding scary costume teeth or fake blood. Dye the hair of each of the heads with spray-on dye meant for hair.

Quick and Easy

If you have a monster mask at home, you can transform yourself into a monster in no time. The basis of the costume will be a sweat suit in green, black or grey. To accent the costume, take a trip to your local dollar store and pick up packages of bugs and snakes and other critters that are often seen during Halloween. With a hot glue gun, attach the spiders, snakes and other spooky things you find to the shirt and trousers of the outfit. You also can attach the spider web material that is available during Halloween to the costume to add another spooky effect. Add your mask, and the monster transformation is complete.

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