Wedding column decorations

Decorative columns add elegance to your wedding decor Just two of many ideas are to use them to line the aisle at your ceremony or to frame the bridal table at the reception. Rented columns are usually white and rather plain, but you can add some "wow" to the columns by using decorative elements and tying them into your wedding theme or colours.

Cap D├ęcor

Create cascading topiaries out of real or silk flowers and greenery to decorate the column cap. Arrange your flowers in a block of floral foam. Attach the foam to the top of each column using double-sided tape. Attach greenery such as ferns to the outer edges of the foam so that the greenery cascades 6 or more inches down from the top of the column.

Use rosette topiary balls to decorate your column. These pre-made topiary balls feature small artificial rosettes decorating the entire surface and are available at craft-store floral departments. Choose balls with a diameter close to that of the top of your columns. Attach the balls to the top of the columns with double-sided tape or set them in greenery wreaths and set the wreaths on top of the columns.

Add Asian flair to the tops of the columns by gluing floral butterflies to the outside of solid-coloured round paper lanterns. Place a battery-operated candle inside each lantern and set them on top of the columns.

Garlands and Ribbons

Wrap real or artificial flower garlands around the columns. Flower garlands add a garden feel to your wedding, whether it is outside or inside. Either wrap the garlands loosely and let plenty of the white column underneath show through or wrap the columns first in thick greenery and then wrap the flower garlands over the greenery.

Use ivy instead of or in addition to flowers. Wrap a string of white holiday lights around each column with the ivy to add ambience to an evening reception and to provide additional lighting.

Wrap two coordinating colours of ribbon around the columns and tie them in a large bow at the top. Either wrap the ribbons together in a spiral or wrap each colour in the opposite direction to form a criss-cross effect.


Drape tulle over the top of the column. Use a large enough piece to reach the ground on all sides. Wrap ribbon around the tulle from the bottom of the column up in a spiral or use two pieces to form a criss-cross effect. Tie the ribbon into a bow at the top. Allow the extra tulle to pool at the bottom of the column.

Wrap a twisted piece of coloured tulle or satin around the column from the bottom to the top. Tie a swath of the same fabric in a bow at the top of the column. Tuck single flowers or greenery between the fabric and column at staggered intervals. For a twist on this idea, before wrapping the twisted fabric around the column, tie ribbons in a contrasting colour along its length at even intervals. This will add more texture to the fabric garland. Tuck small floral sprays or baby's breath stems into the ribbon bows after wrapping the column. Then, instead of using a swath of fabric at the top, use a wide ribbon around the top of the column, wrapping it around the fabric garland tightly and then tying in a bow. For either of these variations, tie lengths of fishing line around the fabric and column at equal intervals to hold it in place.

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