Easy Homemade Kids' Costumes

Updated April 17, 2017

Homemade kids' costumes allow you to save money at Halloween. Create unique costumes for holidays or just to play dress up. Give your child a look that is different from store-bought costumes -- he might even win a best costume contest!

Costumes from Household Items

Use everyday items to create a costume at the last minute. These costumes can be whimsical or humorous. Dress your child up as their favourite campfire treats, s'mores. Create a sandwich board from craft foam and corrugated plastic to act as the graham cracker. Glue pillows to the inside of the sandwich board to represent the marshmallow.

According to Martha Stewart, you can make kids' costumes from items commonly found in the grocery store. Turn your kids into hula girls. Make a skirt out of mop heads and pair it with a plain tank top. Use tropical-coloured gift bows in orange, pink and yellow to create headdresses, leis and to decorate flip-flops. Turn a cereal box, paper towel tube and rubber band into a faux ukulele.

Make a traditional costume in a nontraditional way. Use paper grocery bags to make a vest, cowboy hat and chaps. Decorate with paper fasteners and pair the look with jeans and a Western shirt.

Costumes Made from Clothes

Make a costume by decorating pre-existing clothes to ensures that the finished piece fits your child. It also saves you from tedious sewing projects. The key to this look is to add small details to distinguish the outfit from everyday wear. Use a green sweatsuit for a dragon costume. Craft foam can form scales, ears and eyes. Apply the embellishments with hot glue. The teeth can form a fringe around the opening of the bonnet. Make the scales from different colours of green circles. Glue different sizes of circles on top of each other and apply to the chest of the outfit, shoes and a matching treat bag.

Turn a leotard into a garden fairy costume. Create a skirt by gluing flowing ribbons to a ribbon band. Dress up the leotard with faux flowers around the neck and sleeves. A wire hanger and pantyhose combine to form wings that you can use for a fairy or a bee.

Clothes can be the base for a more creative costume. Use yellow trousers and a white sweatshirt to create a homemade banana split costume. Sew a triangle on each side of the top of the trousers so it looks like an open banana. Wrap quilt batting around the sweatshirt to serve as ice cream. Decorate the costume with sprinkles made from pipe cleaners or buttons. Top with a cherry hat made from a foam ball and a chenille stem.

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