Horse birthday cake ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A horse birthday cake is a thoughtful touch for anyone from the young My Little Pony fan to the more mature horse racing enthusiast and can be accomplished at a variety of skill levels and price points. Whether you make it yourself with your own two hands, or hire a speciality cake baker, your horse-inspired birthday cake will be the hit of any equestrian lover's big day.

Shape It

Make a horse-shaped cake for your horse lover. Buy a cake mould in a shape of a horse or horse head, or make a horse-head-shaped cake yourself. Cake moulds can be found in almost any shape and enhanced with detailed frosting. A relatively quick and easy solution to the horse cake, plan so that you have time to find the best mould.

Conversely, you can piece together a pleasing horse-head-shaped cake yourself. Bake up two standard-sized sheet cakes. Use one sheet as the horse head, and the other as the neck. Remove sheet cakes from the pans and lay at an angle to form the horse head and neck. Round off the head piece to add softness and detail. Frost both pieces with a chocolate frosting. Using a fork, pull lines in the frosting on the neck and top of the head to resemble the mane of the horse. Use chocolate kisses with a white chocolate tip you dip yourself for the eyes. Use trimmed pieces of the cake to create ears. Cut the pieces into small triangles and frost and place one on the top of the cake, and the other alongside the horse's head.

Silk Screened

Order a custom cake for your horse lover's birthday. Bring a photo of the guest of honour on his horse, or of her favourite breed of horse and give it to the bakery. Using a special printer with food-colouring inks, most bakeries can create a silk-screened-like print of the photo. They can then centre that onto your cake and add the usual frosting details. For a child you can also bring in an image of a cartoon horse or a favourite toy horse to make the cake even more special.

Three Dimensional

Buy some small horse models or plastic horse toys to dress up your homemade cake. Frost your sheet or layer cake with green frosting to mimic grass. Use toothpicks to create a miniature fence and place several horses around a traditional stand-up birthday number set. Draw in horseshoes and stars with decorative frosting tubes to add more details around the sides of the cake.

Professional Standing Horse Cake

Ask a professional speciality cake baker to create a standing horse birthday cake for your party. Professional speciality bakers use wooden forms and special frostings to build up and carve a realistic and pricey horse cake for your event. Perfect for the adult horse enthusiast and for a larger party, a talented baker can make your horse cake a realistic-looking centrepiece.

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