Dental health activities for kids

Updated July 19, 2017

Because dental care is perceived as a chore by most children, shabby brushing habits, subpar flossing and minimal rinsing quickly become the norm. But fun dental health activities for children can change the way they view tooth and gum care.

Making Facts Fun

Show kids the facts online, in a fun way. Colgate has a Kid's World page at with fun stories and games detailing why oral health is important. Let your kids learn why plaque is bad by battling the evil plaque monsters in Colgate's online computer game.

Take a Field Trip

Get the message to them via their favourite cartoon characters. The National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore is an affiliate of the renowned Smithsonian Institution and a fabulous excursion for the family. Hands-on exhibitions teach children about dental care via beloved cartoon characters including Mickey Mouse and Fred Flintstone. Kids can sing along to vintage toothpaste commercials and see historical treasures such as Queen Victoria's dental instruments.

Print a Brushing Chart

Go to and print out a colourful brushing chart for your kids. Children will love hanging a brushing chart in the bathroom with cartoon characters and colour-coded days of the week. A brushing chart is a fun tool to help keep your children accountable for their oral hygiene habits. Marking off each day will become a daily activity. When they finish an entire month, be sure to reward them.

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