Creative Things to Do on Your 21st Birthday

Updated April 17, 2017

Turning 21 is truly a monumental milestone and is generally cause for big celebrations and birthday blowouts. This birthday signifies that the birthday girl or boy has been given all rights and privileges as an adult--specifically the right to drink legally and to be admitted to all nightclubs. You can do a variety of things to ring in this birthday, such as club hopping in your hometown. However, there are a couple of creative ideas you can try on your 21st birthday to ensure that it is one to remember.

Put a Spin on the Typical Las Vegas 21st Birthday

When you're turning 21, one of the best places to party is Las Vegas. However, there isn't much that is original about spending your 21st birthday there. It's a great place to party hard all day and all night, but for a creative twist on your celebration, make sure everything you do has a "21" theme. For example, gather 21 people to take 21 shots (one each), convince 21 people on the Las Vegas Strip that you're famous and sign autographs, and then play blackjack (21) at 21 different casinos. Also, when you go out to enjoy the city's nightlife, have all of the people that you're with wear black, and make sure that you wear an outfit in a colour that stands out to distinguish yourself as the birthday boy.

Do Something Outrageous

Celebrate your 21st birthday by doing something outrageous, but legal. Get your adrenalin pumping with a skydive from 2,100 feet and free fall with a friend. Or, go scuba diving and take an underwater picture when you reach 21 feet. You can also do a couple of wild things on land, such as ordering a 2.1-pound burger at a restaurant (or making it) and fixing 21 different types of mixed drinks for guests who are helping you celebrate your big day.

Get Creative

Rather than just throw a regular "I'm Turning 21" birthday party, add a little spice and excitement to the big day. Get creative with your theme and have your guests participate. Plan a masquerade ball with special drinks that coincide with the event, such as "masqtinis" or a cocktail named after you. An all-white party, where everyone is required to wear white except the birthday girl, is another option.

Scavenger Hunt

Throwing a scavenger hunt for your 21st birthday is a great way to kick off the celebration. This scavenger hunt can be done via a bar crawl, around a college campus or throughout a small area of a town. In order to do the scavenger hunt, divide your birthday party guests into two teams and give each team a list of things they have to do to get points. Examples could be to find a shot glass that says "I'm 21," take a picture with a hot bartender or buy 21 grapes from the grocery store. The team with the most points can win a prize.

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