Centerpiece ideas for an adult male birthday party

A man's birthday party deserves all the pomp and decoration expected from any other event---but keep it masculine. While flowers may be pretty they serve no purpose on a man's party table. Think of things that appeal to your man when planning the decorations and choose centrepieces that serve double duty or reflect his interests.


Center his birthday party around his favourite sport or activity. Create a centrepiece from golf balls. Purchase personalised golf balls with "Happy Birthday" inscribed on them. Place 12 golf balls in a small mound inside a shallow wire basket. Cut a triangle from poster board to resemble the flags on a golf course. Write a birthday message across the flag. Tape the flag to a wooden skewer and stick between the golf balls to hold it up. Create a similar centrepiece using baseballs or miniature foam footballs.

Purchase a trophy from a trophy store or visit thrift stores for a used one and remove the name plate. Choose a design that complements the sport or activity he is involved in such as bowling, softball or fishing. Make or purchase a 6 inch floral wreath. Glue a banner made of paper across the centre of the wreath with "Happy Birthday" written on it. Attach the wreath with wire to the front of the trophy.


The way to a man's heart just may be through his stomach, so create centrepieces made of a tasty treat. Edible centrepieces serve double duty as an appetizer and decoration, saving you time and effort. Place a platter of chicken wings on top a cake stand. Under the cake stand arrange four to six smaller bowls of dipping sauce. Place a balloon bouquet tied to a small balloon weight in the centre of the chicken wing platter. Stick birthday themed cupcake picks into each piece of chicken to add to the festivity.

Instead of food use a favourite beverage. Choose the man's favourite beer or soda in a glass bottle. Create your own personalised labels wishing him a happy birthday on your computer with label paper. Cut the labels to fit over the existing labels on the bottles and apply. Tie curling ribbon around the neck of each bottle. Fill a metal bucket with ice. Set the bottle in the ice arranging them so the labels show.

Gift Centerpiece

Create a centrepiece that doubles as a gift. Fill a small metal pail with decorative rocks. Spray paint a small tree branch black. Choose a branch with several branching twigs so it appears full. Push the branch into the rocks. Roll dollar bills into tubes. Tie a blue ribbon around the centre of each tube then tie the other end of the ribbon to a branch. Use enough dollar bills to equal his age. Stencil a happy birthday message on the front of the pail using paint.

If you prefer not to have cash on the table attach fishing lures or golf tees for a hobby-themed tree. Or, photocopy pictures of him from when he was a child until the present. Glue the photos onto heavy paper then cut into a circle shape. Attach the photographs to the tree with ribbon.


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