Easy to manage hairstyles for fine hair

Updated July 19, 2017

Fine hair does not have as much natural body as wavy or thick hair, so it can be hard to find a hairstyle that looks flattering without much maintenance. For your hair to look styled while being easy to manage, choose haircuts that naturally add body and the illusion of volume.

Layered Haircuts

A choppy haircut that is layered is easy to maintain for fine hair. It's a versatile cut, adaptable to a short, long or medium hair. This hairstyle flatters any face shape. It curves around your face, giving your hair the illusion of volume. It also enhances your natural facial structure, giving it a long, slim appearance. For additional style, you can flip your hair outward with a little gel at the tips, or you can add highlights.


A medium-length bob hairstyle complements all face shapes, especially heart-shaped ones. It frames the sides of your profile, emphasising cheekbones and natural facial angles. For people with fine hair, a bob provides volume and a smooth, chic look with little maintenance. Most of the time, you can just run a comb through your hair for a styled look. Use a curling iron to curl the hair on the bottom toward your face.

Cropped Hair

A short cropped hairdo is one of the simplest haircuts to maintain. The haircut offers a chic look that is appropriate for women with petite frames and thin, small faces. For added shape, add asymmetrical fringe.

Hair Extensions

For hair that has body but is easy to maintain, add curly hair extensions to your roots. This allows your hair to be wavy without your having to use a curling iron or other hair products to maintain body. Because you are adding pieces to your existing hair, you can revert to another hairstyle or your original hair whenever you choose.

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