Where to buy mangosteen juice

Updated February 21, 2017

Mangosteen juice is juice puréed from a tropical fruit grown primarily in Southeast Asia. Mangosteen juice contains xanthones, a component found in plants believed to improve heart disease, high blood pressure, immune deficiency, diabetes and arthritis. Described as a taste combination of peach and pineapple, Mangosteen juice can be purchased at health stores and supermarkets. Mangosteen can also be purchased through online retailers.

Mangosteen Locally

Due to the increasing demand and popularity of this tropical fruit, mangosteen juice is often available at local health food stores and select supermarkets, including the national chain of GNC health stores. Visit GNC online at to find a GNC store near you.

Fresh Mangosteen

For fresh mangosteen juice, try finding the actual fruit at your local supermarket. Because mangosteen is a tropical fruit, you will have a better chance of finding it in the high summer months. When puréeing mangosteen, you will need to avoid the seeded core and use only fresh cold water and the fruit itself. Add the skin for additional nutritional properties.

Mangosteen Online

Mangosteen juice can be conveniently shipped to your door by purchasing though an online retailer. Xango ( is the world's largest retailer of mangosteen. Another large retailer of mangosteen juice is Sunsteen ( Many online retailers offer competitive pricing, free shipping and sales throughout the year.

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