Stained Glass Window & Paper Projects for Children

Stained glass windows are interesting to view and catch the eye of many people. Create a stained glass project at home using such items as paint, tissue paper, vegetable oil, crayons, and oil pastels. Stained glass windows do not have to be made using the cut glass process to achieve a quality design.

Glass Paint

Glass paint is a specially designed paint that adheres to glass and does not peel off easily. It works well to create stained glass designs on windows, plates, bowls, drinking glasses, bottles, vases and other glass items. Place a paper template with the desired design behind the glass, and then paint over the outline of the design, before adding any colour. The outline paint is easy to touch up after the design is painted. Glass paint needs to be cured, if the item will be placed in the dishwasher. Follow the directions on the container for proper hardening of the paint.

Tissue Paper

A good kids craft for making stained glass windows uses newsprint, tissue paper, scissors, paint brush and vegetable oil. The desired pattern is cut from tissue paper and placed on the newsprint. The tissue paper is held in place by painting vegetable oil over the entire surface. A translucent stained glass design will be seen after the vegetable oil dries. Tape the dried tissue paper stained glass project in a window so the sun may shine through.

Crayons and Oil Pastels

Black construction paper and black charcoal paper make an excellent background for a stained glass window made with crayons or oil pastels. Use a white coloured pencil to draw the design sections making sure to leave a void between the sections. The void will create the line work seen in stained glass windows. Use a drawing stump (blender) to smooth out the colour in each section.


Create a stained glass window using black construction paper and tissue paper. Cut the stained glass design from the black construction paper leaving adequate voids to glue coloured tissue paper into each section. The tissue paper is translucent which will allow light to pass through. Hang the finished project in a window to capture the sun.


Use watercolour paint and drip it onto a coffee filter to create a stained glass window. The fibres in the coffee filter absorb the paint which causes a small drop to become large and fuzzy. Watered down acrylic paint and coloured water using food dye will create a similar design.

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