Hydrogen-Peroxide Cure for Nail Fungus

Updated July 20, 2017

Nail fungus is bacteria that grows under fingernails and toenails, and it is difficult to cure. Golfers and farmers are particularly susceptible to toenail fungus as they wear shoes constantly that can be damp, which is an ideal breeding ground for fungus. Women who wear acrylic nails can develop a fungus between the natural nail and the acrylic nail, if the nails are not properly maintained. A hairline crack in the nail can allow the fungus to get under the nail and grow.

Hydrogen-Peroxide Treatment for Nail Fungus

Soak hand or foot in a 3% hydrogen-peroxide solution twice a day for 10-to-15 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide is very inexpensive and can be purchased at any grocery store or pharmacy. If you experience severe stinging when applying the hydrogen peroxide, it may be too strong so dilute the peroxide with an equal amount of water. Repeat the procedure daily until the fungus is gone.

Prevention of Nail Fungus

When using public showers and bathrooms, wear flip-flops or sandals as these places are ideal breeding grounds for fungus and bacteria. Do not borrow nail clippers or nail files as the fungus can be passed on by sharing these items. If you get your nails done professionally, do not be afraid to ask if the equipment they are using has been disinfected. Nail fungus spreads easily so if you suspect you may have been infected, begin treating with hydrogen peroxide as soon as possible to prevent the fungus from spreading.

Consult a Physician

In extreme cases where the toenail turns black, there is extreme pain or a bad odour coming from the nail, consult your doctor to make sure there is not a more serious condition. In cases where the fungus is severe, it may be necessary to remove the nail to eradicate the fungus and allow the finger or toe to grow a new nail.

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