Tips on planning a high school reunion

Updated March 23, 2017

High school reunions traditionally take place in five- to 10-year intervals. Organising a high school reunion can be an opportunity to get in touch with old classmates, renew friendships and take a walk down memory lane. Advanced planning is essential to make sure the reunion goes smoothly and everyone has a good time.

Setting the Date

Set an appropriate date for the reunion. Try to avoid picking a date near holidays when people are likely to be busy, such as Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July. If you live in a climate that has severe weather, try to avoid scheduling the reunion when such weather is likely.

Form a Committee

Set up a committee to help organise the reunion. Planning a reunion often takes the combined efforts of several people, so ask other members of your graduating class for help. Assign specific tasks, such as tracking down people who may have moved, and match the task to the person's skill. For example, a reporter might be good at finding missing classmates, and an accountant might be the one to ask to manage the budget.

Consider hiring a reunion planner to assist you. She can offer ideas, help keep track of details and make the reunion go more smoothly. Also, consider creating a website or a blog dedicated to the details of the reunion to keep everyone informed.


You might be able to have the reunion on the grounds of your old school, which would keep costs and maintenance minimal and conjure memories. Or you might have the reunion at a hotel or convention centre, which would allow you to decorate and make catering and music arrangements easier. Hotels and convention halls also are likely to accommodate more people.

Family Members

Provide room for people's spouses and possibly their children. Offer discounts for couples. If children are invited, set aside a specific area of the reunion for them and serve a menu especially designed for them. Ask for volunteers to help supervise kids during the reunion.


Make copies of pictures of people from the yearbook, and ask people to send in recent photographs. Place the photographs on a table without identifying the subjects. Have guests attempt to match the recent pictures with the pictures in the yearbook, and give a small prize to the person makes the most correct matches.

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