Birthday Cake Ideas for Teen Boys

Updated March 23, 2017

Birthday cakes are designed to add a sweet dash of fun at the end of a celebration. Help your teenaged son mark his latest happy milestone with a cool cake that will amuse him and his guests. Tap into his interests as inspiration for a dessert finale that will taste good and capture his personality at the same time.

Use Whimsy

"The Simpsons" is a very popular cartoon series. Create a cake around this long-running irreverent comedy. Start with a white cake base. At one end add more cake to create a back and legs for a sofa. Sculpt Simpson characters from yellow fondant. Give Marge a large blue hairdo and Maggie a pacifier. Place the characters on the cake couch. Write the teenager's name on the side of the cake.

Army Inspiration

Create a cake that looks like a tank. Make a rectangular cake. Spread light green icing on the cake. Bake two small oval cakes and a square cake. Spread light green icing on the other cakes. Attach the oval cakes to the side of the rectangular cake with royal icing. Place graham crackers around the edges of the ovals to resemble tank tracks. Top the rectangular cake with the square one to make the body of the tank. Place chocolate covered graham crackers on the sides of the square to resemble windows.

Get Cheesy

Make a cake that looks like a cheeseburger. Start with a round white cake base. Cover with tan icing. Top the cake with lettuce, tomatoes, a hamburger and cheese crafted from fondant. Add yellow spinkles on top to resemble sesame seeds.

Skater Boy

Make a skate park cake. Start with a standard rectangular sheet cake. Make two large triangles. Place the triangles on top of the cake at each end of it. Carve out the middle so that each side slopes inward to resemble a half pipe. Cover the entire cake in tan icing. Make a skateboard from a large square cookie. Attach two oreos to the bottom of the cake to create legs for it. Ice the skateboard to add detail and place it in the middle of the cake.

Convertible Cake

Turn an ordinary piece of cake into a dream car. Make an oval-shaped cake. Cover with red icing. Add details to the car with black fondant. Use icing to make shapes on the side of the car. Look in baker's supply stores to find details for the car such as headlights and wheel covers.

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